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What We Do

The Marin Child Care Council partners with parents and the community to provide services that support availability and access to quality child care.


We contribute to the quality of life in our community by providing leadership and support towards creating a comprehensive system of childcare. Our fundamental goal is to enable people to make informed decisions about childcare. Our work is characterized by competency, respect, integrity, and compassion.

Partnering with Parents                                                     
"We believe that our services should be available to and supportive of all families in our community" 
Resource and Referral
We provide personalized help finding and choosing child care to families through our web and telephone based information and referral service. Parents receive information, and resources about early care and education issues including: licensing information, health and safety, what to look for in a quality program, different philosophies, and child development. 

Alternative Payment Program (Subsidy Program)
Marin Child Care Council’s Alternative Payment Program (APP) offers full or partial child care subsidies to (need and income) eligible families through a voucher program. This program is designed to maximize parental choice in selecting child care; parents may select licensed centers and preschools, licensed family
daycare homes or license exempt in-home providers. The state contracts serve families in Calworks Stage 2 (working families who have been off of welfare for between three and twenty-four months), Stage 3 (working families who have been off of welfare for two or more years who still qualify for assistance with their child care costs) and Alternative Payment (AP) (low-income working families not served by the welfare system and those referred by Children and Family Services).
Centralized Eligibility List (CEL)
The Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) gives families access to many subsidized child care programs through a single application. All agencies operating subsidized early care and education programs in Marin County use the list to enroll families to their programs.
Parent Voices
Parent Voices is a chapter-based grassroots organizing effort around child care issues and an integral part of Marin Child Care Council’s advocacy efforts. Parent Voices involves parents in the budget process including: legislative hearings, press conferences, rallies, and trainings. Parent Voices co-sponsors the annual Equal Voice Academy with Grassroots Leadership Network of Marin. It involves parents in local initiatives for funding child care subsidies, and helps parents respond to budget cuts on a statewide level.
Partnering with Providers                                                  
 "We believe that all children deserve quality child care and that quality child care directly benefits children, families, and our community."
Resource and Referral
We provide support to the child care community regarding licensing issues, parenting issues, child development concerns and more. We provided trainings and workshops aimed at improving quality child care in Marin. We maintain up-to-date information on licensed child care centers and licensed family child care homes.
Child Care Trainings
We provide support to the child care community by offering trainings, professional development and resources. Please check out our training and workshop calendar on our website for more details. 
Striving For Excellence
Striving For Excellence is our annual conference for early child hood educators and professionals in Marin and surrounding counties. The conference enables people who are working with children, directly or indirectly, to obtain training in a comfortable setting.

Attendees include: licensed family child care providers, child care center staff, administrators, and other interested community members. The participants engage in stimulating learning opportunities and gain knowledge that directly enhances the quality of care provided in their programs.
Partnering with The Community                                       
" We believe that educated and well informed stakeholders are the very best advocates for quality child care."
Providing Solutions
Marin Child Care Council maintains an extensive database of licensed child care programs in Marin. We also track all parent requests for care and parents seeking financial assistance to help with child care costs. In addition to tracking all of this data in Marin, we also disseminate the information on the county-wide supply and demand for child care.
Educating and involving local communities and leaders, to understand child care issues and to plan effectively to address child care needs that are supportive of all families, is a vital role we play in this community. We are proud to work in partnership with a number of local and statewide organizations and groups on behalf of families and children.
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