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Wildfire Smoke and Young Children

The Northern California fires have caused many days full of smoke, creating unhealthy air quality. So what does that mean for families and children? Research tells us that children are more vulnerable from environmental toxins such as smoke. This is because of the children's unique physiological development stage. Children's organs such as lungs and brain as well as their metabolism and detox pathways are not yet fully developed. Thus, the child’s environment is one of the most important places to start when it comes to children's overall health. The air, water, food, in a home or child care setting all impacts a child's health in major ways. "Children eat more, drink more, and breathe more per pound per body weight." This knowledge helps parents and child care providers understand how wildfire smoke causes a greater burden and health impact on young children. It is important to remember that children have different sensitivities. Remember that children may not have the ability to share how they are feeling regarding the impact of wildfire smoke.

Check your local air quality- and check it often

There are many different kinds of apps and air tracking devices such as purple air.

Plan outdoor activities when air quality is good and make sure that you limit and avoid outdoor play when air quality is poor. Avoiding strenuous exercise while outdoors when air quality is low.

Wear a PROPER MASK. Only N-95 masks protect your lungs from wildfire particulates. Cloth and paper hospital face mask does not protect your lungs from smoke.

Invest in an Air filter and keep it running. there are also low-cost methods in creating your own home air filter such as this one. In addition, keep windows and doors shut when smoke outside is bad.

Support your immune system. There are many toxic particulates from the wildfire smoke. By helping boost your immune system. Drink plenty of water and eat more fiber to help your body flush out toxins. Add berries, bell peppers vitamin C rich foods into your diet. These are all antioxidants that support your body in eliminating free radicals.

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