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Wendolyn Bird Story Sharing with Families

Wendolyn Bird is an early childhood educator and founder of Tender Tracks, an outdoor preschool in Marin County. This fall she taught a three-part series for child care educators in daily routine, storytelling, and nature-based connection. Below is a video and story she shares. She tells a story whose message, I hope, will be of support for you during these unprecedented times.

Stories, such as this one, have historically been used as Helpers, Guides, Facilitators to support our inner navigational system during challenging times, transitional times, or any other times with bumps along the road of life. Here is one suggestion on how to utilize this story for what some folks call “healing & growth.”

  • Set aside a moment in your day to reflect upon the things in your life that seem insurmountable, scary, too much to deal with or “demon” to your psyche or soul.

  • Write them down. This aids in grounding those things into the physical world, as opposed to staying in the vast space of your mind. Or/And, simply meditating on it works as well.

  • Write down/meditate on what you notice about these challenges: color, texture, emotional characteristics, anything that comes up to you with regard to this “demon.”

  • Imagine how it might have gotten that way.

  • Write down/meditate on how this demon/trouble affects you, limits you, immobilizes you.

  • Now, and most important: Write down or meditate on your gifts, your skills, your strengths. Really feel these, taste, smell, touch, hear the qualities of your strength.

  • When you are ready, and feeling rooted in the sensations of your gifts, in your mind's eye picture the “demon” and notice how you feel.

The bottom line is, keep finding where your gifts and strengths are, embody them and get stronger and stronger each time the trouble comes and begins to rob you of your right and “invitation” to enter into “sacred mountain.”

With children 8 or 9 on up this can be done in a much simpler and more playful manner.



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