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Ten Tips For Parents to Create Healthy Environments for Children

The Child Environmental Health Network (CEHN) is an amazing resource for family and child care providers in helping create healthier environments for children. Here are Child Environmental Health Networks' top ten tips to create healthier environments for children and caregivers.

Try to keep homes, cars, and any places where children are present smoke -free.

  1. Store all chemicals out of reach to children.

  2. Try avoiding to use lead-based paint, but if you have lead-based paint maintain paint to prevent chipping and flaking.

  3. Use only cold water for drinking, cooking, and preparing infant formula to minimize lead levels.

  4. Prevent pest from coming into your home; if intervention is needed, use the least toxic methods.

  5. Check radon levels every two years and decontaminate if necessary.

  6. Install carbon monoxide monitors near bedrooms.

  7. Buy organic produce, and wash all produce before prepping. Check out the Environment Working Groups Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.

  8. Keep plastic out of the microwave to keep harmful plastic additives out of your food.

  9. Keep your house free of water leaks; keep it dry and well ventilated.

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