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STOP! Idling Your Car - even in winter

Winter is here and so are the colder days. Its tempting to keep the car warm and running while you swing into your childcare home or center to pick up your child.

However did you know that children are at a higher risk of damage and negative health outcomes by breathing car exhaust. Running cars even for a short time to pick up or drop off your child release pollutants that are linked to "Decreased lung size and function acute respiratory illnesses such as: asthma and bronchitis, emphysema, and even some types of cancer." (CEHN).

Its important to note that small changes can make a big difference and support the health of the outdoor as well as indoor air quality in our schools. Pollution may enter building easily as well as outdoor play areas where children are playing.

As Child care provides consider adopting an anti-idling policy. This can be added to a handbook, parent news letter or posting in parking area.

To learn more about air quality and children health please see the below links.

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