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Nutrition for Infants and Toddlers

There are lots of questions that come up, on what to feed infants when they are ready to transition to more solid foods.

Children's developmental readiness is what child care providers and parents experience by children's actions and behaviors. Their interest in foods, their ability to hold their neck up without support, and the use of their tongue are just some of the indicators of a child's readiness and feeding skills. In addition to a child's readiness for more solid food, preparation and food choices are important. Knowing how to mash, chop and prepared food for easy eating without chocking is extremely important. Food quality and nutritional substance is also key. Buying whole, organic and unrefined food, provides the needed nutrition for healthy growing.

Are you interested in learning more about infant and toddler feeding practices?

Checkout this wonderful resources, and or join Marin Child Care Council upcoming class on Infant and Toddler nutrition and feeding on April 20th at 6:30 with Suzette Beloberk form Sonoma 4 C.

Feeding Practices Guides and Support:

Class sign up and view:

CA Work Registry or Mc3 workshop schedule:

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