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Potential health concerns around wireless networks!

What are the potential health concerns associated with cellular phones, cell towers and wireless local area networking (WiFi)?

Cellular Network radiation exposure for children should be hundreds of times lower than the current federal limit

It's long been known that The Federal Communication Company (FCC) has neglected to update health standards regarding health and radiation exposure standards shared with the public. Using outdated research the FCC has not updated information since 1996. Since then 2,3,4 and now 5 G cellular networks, wireless technologies, has blanketed schools, homes, and communities without proper guidelines and health standards place.

“Government guidelines are a quarter-century old and were established at a time when wireless devices were not a constant feature of the lives of nearly every American, including children.”

- Ken Cook EWG President

The Environmental Working Group along with the EPA has finally taken information from the landmark 2018 long-term study done by the American Toxicology Program to create more accurate health standards and information for the public. The first focus of their work is assessing the risk Wireless Radiation has on children. They found that exposure should be 200-400 times lower than the FCC guidelines set in 1996. As new guidelines are now being put into place it is vital that all families, schools, and community members are made aware of the risks these devices hold and ways to mitigate their effects on one's health and the health of our children. To read the whole study done by the EWG Click here and share with others.

Below is a helpful InfoGraphic that can be used and referenced in schools and homes.

Download PDF • 142KB

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