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Nature Everywhere! In small places and homes

You don't need a large backyard, garden or park to explore nature everyday in your classroom.

Nature is all around us and there are many ways to bring the wonders and learning nature offers into home child care or urban settings. Here are some ideas!

  • Set up a bird feeding area outside window, patio or in backyard.

  • Bird watch with children and learn about birds through books and discovery table

  • Neighborhood walks.

  • Collecting leaves and nature object such as; acorns, pinecones and or sea shells.

  • Bring more natural materials and nature into classroom- build with wooden blocks and tree cookies, create a nature table and add natural elements to loose part play.

  • Plant some flowers! see what insects visit and have children draw and keep track of different pollinators.

  • Add books about plants and animals to reading zone.

  • Container gardens can use 5 gallon buckets or shoe boxes and grow herbs, kale or other food items for taste test.

  • Bring seasonal food into classroom for nutrition education and taste test with children.

  • Waterplay with leaves, seashells or other nature items.

  • Make mud pies!

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