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Its Summer! Staying Hydrated in ECE

With the warmer days and the bright sun shining, staying hydrated is ever so important in child care settings.

Children need visual cues and reminders to keep drinking and staying hydrated as they are actively learning and playing. By having water freely available and at children's height for easy access helps them get familiar with serving themselves and drinking more freely.

Child care providers can make "spa water" by adding cucumber, lemon, mint, watermelon or other fruits and herbs, to make water taste "yummy" and hopefully increase intake. Making Spa water daily with children is a great exercise and having it freely available is a good way to make children more aware to stay hydrated.

Offering water rich foods also go a long way in keeping little ones hydrated, juicy fruits like melons and oranges give children a sweet hydration snack. Veggies such as cucumbers, celery and jicama are yummy and healthy snacks that hold more water than other vegetables and keep children hydrated during meal time.

More options to keep children hydrated are:

  • Weave hydration breaks into program

  • Have children bring water bottles with them to the play yard

  • Start hydration early in the day

  • Try healthy electrolytes in water on hot days

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