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Happy Earth Day! HEAL believes every day is Earth Day. Getting children to learn with and from nature is fundamental in early childhood education. It fosters compassion, critical thinking, social-emotional development and so much more! To celebrate this day here is a fun video made by students. A sweet share and watch and sing along to!

Simple nature-based activities can be done this week or any day! Here are a few simple ones to consider and make your own.

Walk-in nature and having children spot and pick up trash, don't forget to use gloves. This allows for a better understanding of the importance of keeping our planet clean and green.

Asking where does the trash go? (creeks, streams, ocean) do you think the animals can eat trash? Do they like trash?

There are plenty of recycling projects, another way to connect the idea of RECYCLE REDUCE & REUSE. Some great ideas can be found here!

Planting seeds with kids- you can use recycled goods for pots such as milk cartons, eggs shells, egg cartons, or cut plastic bottles. Right now, planting Cucumber, Tomatoes or lettuces is a great way to get ready for the summer garden! Ideas here!

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