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Breastfeeding Month

Happy August!

It's the month were we embrace breastfeeding.

Since it's an important part of early childhood. Breastfeeding allows for babies to bond with their mothers, helps mothers with post-partum recovery, and is an important part of childhood nutrition.

As a child care provider, setting up a breastfeeding friendly baby bonding area, helps not only the family you serve but also adds to quality early childhood programs.

Mc3 will be hosting a free class on October 25th at 6:30 via zoom (care registry for registration) on breastfeeding friendly facilities and ways to support breastmilk preparation in your program.

Suzette Beloberk will also be joining this class and sharing more about infant and toddler nutrition. Hope to see you in the class!

Here are some wonderful infographics and nutritional sheet all on MyPlate breastfeeding

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