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Marin Child Care Council Has A YouTube Channel!

Our HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) program coordinator Madelene McCann has been creating Garden based videos available on the YouTube Channel

Interested in gardening with kids but don't know where to start?

Looking for new ideas and activities in nature with your kids?

Madelene will be posting easy, fun and short videos on the Marin Child Care Council Youtube channel to help inspire and support child care providers, parents and children.

How To Find our videos:

  1. Open search engine and type in

  2. In the YouTube webpage enter in search bar "Marin Child Care Council"

  3. Select from video page what video you would like to watch.

  4. Click on video and enjoy!

  5. If you like them, subscribe to them

  6. My email is: if you'd like to give some feed back you can also just leave a comment on the YouTube channel

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