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Mindfulness to Support During Challenging Times

During this time of so much change, mindfulness is an important tool to support oneself. This is an important aspect to consider due to the research that shows stress significantly lowers one’s immune system. During this time we need to try to support our immune system to the best of our ability. Rest, movement, mindset and healthy meals are some of the best ways to stay healthy and happy during this time of uncertainty.

Gratitude start a gratitude journal and help bring things into perspective.

Mindful Breath Work keep track of your breath and make sure you are taking deep breaths throughout the day. Consider a 5 min meditation focusing on deep breathing.

Creating a routine really helps oneself, as well as the rest of the family create a new “normal”. Make sure that you are mindful around the time you wake up and go to bed. Limit the late night TV watching or news hour especially before bed. It's best to turn off the media an hour before bed to help with sleep.

Try family games after dinner, family snuggle or reading as well as phone/facetime calls to loved ones. Taking a hot shower or bath and putting some self care into your practice before bed also helps one get ready for sleep and create a more peaceful and rejuvenating rest.

Keep to a routine around eating, getting exercise and limiting the amount of screen time/news.Movement is key, getting on a walk with your family. There are many free yoga, dance and movement classes online

Talking with Children about Covid -19

The Child Mind Institute, a national, independent nonprofit organization, has extensive resources to help parents guide their children through coronavirus pandemic (

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