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Healthy Advice for Families

Dr. Fernando’s has a wonderful website doctor yum all on healthy-eating and providing strategies for your family with helpful tips.

Don’t Call Kids Picky When it comes to children’s development, words matter. Fernando says calling kids picky only has negative effects and is commonly seen as a permanent label. “We don’t use that word in our kitchen,” she says. “You’re an exploring eater, you’re a learning eater, you’re a practicing eater, but you’re not a picky eater.”

Use All Five Senses During certain development stages, kids may not be ready to taste a certain food, but there are other ways to encourage them. “Give them the confidence to someday try the food,” through their senses, Fernando says. Have your children smell the food, feel its texture and identify its colors if they aren’t ready to taste just yet.

Cook Together “There are a lot of lessons that can be shared and a lot of great experiences when you cook together,” Fernando says, adding that children gaining comfort and confidence in the kitchen is a big step in them trying new and healthy foods.

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