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Media Influence on Nutrition and Health

With roughly 40% of advertising targeted to children on unhealthy foods the media has a strong influence on our children’s eating habits and choices.

Check out the links below with all the great information and resources:

Growing up Healthy, Nemours Children Health Foundation:

First 5 Marin:

How food ads sway preschoolers' eating habits:

Public Health Law Center:

Social Media May Sway Kids To Eat More Cookies - And More Calories:

Here are some suggestion, tips and recommendation:

  • It is important that children learn healthy eating habits from parents, caregivers and teachers.

  • Model healthy eating habits around children.

  • Teach children the importance of eating healthy.

  • Have children try new food, cook and help pick out foods to encourage greater interaction and learning.

  • Have children eat the food that adults eat during meal times.

  • Limit media use for children.

  • Make sure children are well hydrated to help curb false hunger signals.

Additional Resources:

  • Color Me Healthy

  • My Plate-USDA

  • Let’s Move

  • Food for Thought

  • Growing up Healthy Nemours Children Health Foundation

  • Harvest of the Month- CAFF

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