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Rethink Your Drink

Rethink Your Drink

Statewide Day of Action is May 8th.

The "Rethink Your Drink" program hopes to shift consumption toward healthier, more affordable beverages, like water. This program also hopes to stimulate community-level partnerships and invite local environmental changes that will improve access, affordability and desirability of healthy beverages. The Marin Child Care Council HEAL program is a strong advocate and supporter. By teaching children the importance of drinking water and choosing healthy drinks and food options. HEAL does site visits, lessons and professional development training for all.


The leading contributor of empty calories consumed by children and teens aged 2-18 years are calories from sugar sweetened beverages such as, sodas and energy drinks. In California, 21% of children and adolescents (2–17 years) report drinking at least one glass of soda per day, and 23% report drinking at least one glass of other sugary beverage (sweetened fruit, sport, and energy drinks) per day.

Marin Child Care Council Healthy Eating Active Living program aims to change these statistics.

This month strives to offer more water and less sugar sweetened beverages. Below is a recipe you can try for Spa water!

Pitcher of ice cold filtered water

1 lime cut into circles

4 sprigs of mint

1/2 lemon juices

Add ingredients to pitcher add ice and serve!


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