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How We Can Reduce Waste

Our daily habits and choices have a powerful effect on our environment. Decisions we make and shopping patterns have the ability to help or harm our planet. With mindful action, we can help reducing waste and support our planet.

Here are some steps and tips!!

1) Bring Your Own Cup! Use Reusable Water Bottles and Straws. Americans use an estimate of 50 billion plastic water bottles each year. By bringing your own bottles and coffee mug to your favorite spot you can reduce significant use of plastic bottles and paper cups. The fact is that plastics bottles take up to 450 years to break down and as they do they leak BPA and other harmful chemicals into our soil and water. Did you know that on a daily basis 500 million straws are used and thrown out? Today there are new re-usable stainless steel, glass, paper and silicon straws on the market. By swapping out or ordering drinks without straws you can help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills, and our oceans.

2) Choose Package Free Groceries When Possible. Many food items can have excess plastics and packaging. By looking for items that are not additionally wrapped in plastic and/or buy bulk items such as beans, grains and nuts. Also, bring your own grocer bags helps keeping waste minimal.

3) Reduce Food Waste. 30-40% of food produced in the US is wasted. By shopping with meals in mind, and getting creative with your leftovers you can help put a dent in that number. In Marin County you can compost food waste in your green bin which helps turn food waste back into soil. To learn more check out Zero Waste Marin

4) Shop Second Hand. Thrift stores are a wonderful way to help reduce our consumption of resources. You can find everything from furniture, clothes, dishes and more at second hand shops. By reducing reusing and recycling items, we can help lower the demand of new resources.

5) Go Local! Support local farms and artisans. Shopping local business cuts down on transportation pollution.


"A Million Bottles a Minute: Worlds Plastic Binge "as a dangerous as climate change"

by Sandra Laville

"US Food Waste Chammalge"

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