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Yoga for Ages 0-5

Yoga is not just for adults, a new generation of children as young as 6 months old have been benefiting from the practices of Yoga. We have known for years the importance of play and movement for young children, but now there is new information sharing the many benefits yoga has for children 0-5.

Supports Brain Development: The 0-5 age group children are learning at a rapid rate. “The basics of brain body and brain development, especially building strength and soothing skills for impulse control and self-regulation, are evident from the very beginning” Michelle Wing founder of Yoga kids. For example, repetitive yoga poses can help with cognitive and memory skills.

Invites Creative Play: Yoga with music and song allow children to move their body and imagine different animals, shapes and more!

Increase Self-Awareness: Starting yoga at an early age helps children learn how their body moves. It also helps build strength, coordination, flexibility in a noncompetitive and fun way.

Increase Self Regulations: Having children create a routine that supports social emotional learning through focus on breath, thoughts, feeling and their actions.

Invites Connection: Yoga supports bonding with their child care provider, parent or friends by mimicking poses and doing poses together.

To learn more about movement and yoga in early childhood education setting contact Madelene Mc3 HEAL coordinator.

Please join us at the upcoming Striving for Excellence Conference on January 26th, 2019

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