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October 11th is Children Environmental Health Day

Did you know that children are more vulnerable to pollutants found in the air, soil, food and water? Children are also closer to the ground and like to explore with all their senses, what puts them more at risk. Early exposure to chemicals, and environmental pollutants can cause harm to the developing organ system. As child care providers and as parents it's important to learn more about ways that can help support a clean, safe and secure home for children to play in.

Here at Marin Child Care Council we proudly support the work of the Children Environmental Health Network (CEHN) by bringing their training and education of Eco, to our child care providers and parents.

Do you want to learn more, check out the HEAL webpage and join us on October 15th, to register for the class please call Madelene at 415.491.5784 or email

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