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Summer Time Tip to Protect Your Child From Ticks

Summer time is full of days’ outdoors. Whether it's a family camping trip, or an outing at the park, the great outdoors brings all sorts of benefits for children. Unfortunately, one disadvantage are ticks which are more prevalent in California than ever before. Early Spring through Summer tick populations are on the rise and the chance of coming in contact with one is high. Tick borne diseases such as Lyme is a great concern so be mindful and take some precautionary steps to keep the incidences to a minimum.

Things to consider:

Ticks live in high grasses and leaf litter

There are multiple types of ticks

Dogs can bring ticks into your home

Ticks can vary in size. Ticks that are still in the “nymph” stage can be as small as a poppy seed

No repellent is 100% effective, so take extra precautions to avoid tick bites.

Here are some best practices for protecting children

  • Cover up your kids with pants, socks and shoes and long sleeves, especially when they are venturing into heavy brush.

  • Check your kids thoroughly for ticks every night; remove ticks properly.

  • When using repellent on a child, apply it to your own hands and then rub them on the child.

  • Avoid the child's eyes and mouth. Use repellent sparingly around ears.

  • Do not apply repellent to the child's hands, children may put their hands in their mouths.

  • Wash hands after applying repellent and wash repellent-coated skin at the end of the day.

  • Keep bottles of bug repellent away from young children to reduce chances of accidental swallowing.

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