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Limiting Use of Plastic for Your Family’s Health

So much of our daily purchases are packaged and wrapped in plastic. From water bottles, to plastic lined food, plastic is used everywhere.

So what's the issue?

Over the years more and more researchers have linked chemicals used to produce plastic to be harmful for our health. One commonly known product is Bisphenol A (BPA) which is found in water bottles and many children's toys. Plastic made with Bisphenol A have been linked to abnormal brain and reproductive organs development.

In 2009 a study in Denmark showed a 69% increase of BPA chemical found in human urine, just after one week of drinking cold water out of polycarbonate water bottles. This was a shocking finding especially in collation with babies and children.

In 2012 California banned BPA use for the production of baby bottles. However, many toys still have BPA in them. Consider replacing plastic toys in your home and child care facility and try to find wooden, steel and or “green toy” especially if your child is teething. An important step in helping protect your health and that of your families is to try to limit the amount of plastic you are exposing yourself to. Bring mindfulness to your day to day activities and minimizing the use of plastic wherever you can.

Glass and Bulk

One huge way to reduce plastics is to buy things packaged in glass. Bring your own containers and bags to the store and buy in bulk, you can help cutting out the extra plastic packaging as well as help reduce the use of plastic in general. Make sure when you buy a plastic bottle it says BPA free.

Swap your water bottle and baby bottle

Go plastic bottle free. Instead of buying single use plastic water bottles invest in a stainless steel or glass water bottle for your beverage needs; additionally you are helping to reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the landfill. There are many glass bottles with silicon sleeve and steel baby bottles available on the market.

Exchange your Plastic Storage Container

Exchange your plastic storage containers for glass container. If you cannot afford to make the switch right away, use plastic container only for cold items, and limit heating items in them.

Store cool items such as trail mix, grapes and sandwiches in plastic container and use glass container for hot items you want to heat up in the microwave.

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