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Helping Children During Political Instability

Right now, in our county, we are seeing major shifts in politics that target many of our community members. Through the actions and rhetoric of this new administration, fear, stress, confusion and isolation have become a real reality for many of our families and children. As child care providers we have a unique role in being able to provide a safe place for both children and parents. It is important to consider these outside influences and how they may be or are already effecting the families you work with. Through better understanding, education, and simple actions we can help give children the comfort and resources needed to continue to have positive social and emotional growth.

As child care providers and community members we can bring greater:


Re assurance



Positive experiences

Children who are experiencing major stress daily or trauma are more susceptible to having behavior signs such as:

Anxiety and Stress: Children may be nervous during transition times or new experiences. Continue to ask the same worrisome questions or unable to enjoy activity once enjoyed.

Acting Out and Temperament: Anger, aggression, yelling, kicking, biting and other extreme emotional shifts. Children may become very reactive over simple upsets and have extreme emotional changes.

Cognitive Regression: Regressing back to mental and physical actions previously learned. Example: Bed wetting, not remembering song or previously learned activities.

Withdrawing or Fear Reactions: Showing fear often and being scared easily by new things.

Lack of Interest and Inability to Focus: Activity that once held interest no longer do. Major shift in their ability to focus during activities.

Stomach Ache, Not Feeling Well: Children may have constant stomach complaints, diarrhea.

Inability to Sleep or Sleeping Excessively: Sleep changes often are linked to emotional disturbances.

More links for child care provider’s and families:

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