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Do You Have Picky Eaters?

Children of all ages have difficulty trying new things and sometimes very cautious when trying new food items. However, it is important to not be discouraged and continue to support trying new things in a positive environment. Eating from a variety of foods and food groups are important is having children get proper nutrition and developed taste buds.

FACT: It can take children 10-15 times of actually trying and tasting food before they like it.


When offering new foods you could try alternating between new and familiar foods.

Toddlers and children:

Create a routine that everyone should try new foods! Incorporate it into learning about that food with activities. Where does it come from? How is it grown? This makes trying new things fun and desirable.

Start small. Put very small portions on the child’s plate. This allows them to taste first and not get overwhelmed that they eat it all. Also there won’t be as much food waste.

Healthy food. Its key that you create a policy around healthy foods and requirement that parents also follow that policy when packing snacks and meals.

Avoid rewards. Avoid forcing children to have a clean plate or reward them for finishing their plate. This can cause healthy foods to become a punishment.

Limit dessert. Limiting sweets and dessert will help children not expect them.

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