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Referral Policy

Marin Child Care Council (MC3) offers referral services in person, by phone or on-line, to help parents identify the licensed and license exempt child care programs available in their search area. The referral service is staffed a minimum of 30 hours per week and is free of charge regardless of income level or other eligibility requirements. MC3 does not recommend any particular child care provider, facility or service. These referrals are intended to provide parents with a maximum of choices and should in no instance be thought of as a recommendation to a particular program or facility. Parents are informed that MC3 is not an oversight entity, and that it is the parents’ responsibility to choose a provider and monitor the quality of care. The term “parents” here refers to a child’s mother, father, legal guardian, foster parents or responsible grandparent or relative. The term “provider” here refers to the person whose name appears as the responsible parties of the family child care or center facility licensed and issued by the State of California, The role of Community Care Licensing is to license and monitor family child care homes and child care centers, Their goal is to make sure that all licensed facilities comply with all California Health and Safety Regulations pertaining to Child Care.



When a parent calls Marin Child Care Council for childcare referrals, our staff will ask you questions to make sure that we are giving you information that will match your needs. The information received from parents is considered confidential and is only available to MC3 staff.   The information obtained includes, but may not be limited to:


a) Caller’s name and phone number

b) Home address and e-mail address

c) Name of closest elementary school

d) Days and hours child care is needed

e) Number of children needing care, their gender and date of birth

f) Type of care parent is considering (e.g. center, family child care, religious, preschool, before/after school, etc.)

g) Types of services parent is considering (such as hot meals, toilet training, transportation need, etc.)

h) Any notes of child(ren)’s special needs or preferences


Referral hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm




While Marin Child Care Council is not a monitoring agency, occasionally it does receive complaints from parents or concerned citizens about providers.  MC3 is not authorized to offer any advice to parents or providers who may be construed as a recommendation or legal advice.


As a standard procedure all parents will be informed, at the time of referral, of their right to contact  Community Care Licensing Division at 1-844-LET-US-NO (1-844-538-8766) to  find  out  if  any  substantiated  or inconclusive complaints have been made against child care centers or licensed family child care homes.


Licensing reports are also kept on file at all centers and family child care homes, and parents can ask to see them when a visit to the site is made.



Any complaint against a childcare provider that is received by Marin Child Care Council on a health or safety issue will be relayed to Community Care Licensing or Family Child Care Licensing as appropriate.  Any complaint regarding abuse of child/children will be reported to Child Protective Services and the appropriate licensing body.


Complaints regarding health, safety, neglect or abuse will be handled as follows:

  1. The person initiating the complaint will be requested to immediately make a report to the appropriate licensing body and Child Protective Services, if warranted.

  2. MC3 staff will follow-up with Community Care Licensing or Children and Family Services to check the status of the complaint within two working days.




Referrals to a provider will cease temporarily when:


  1. The provider wishes to be inactive.

  2. A license is invalid due to a change of site.

  3. The  licensing  body  requests  MC3’s  cooperation  in  the  investigation  of  a  licensing violation of a serious nature which involves the health and/or the safety of the child(ren) and/or a temporary revocation action is pending.

  4. The licensing body notifies MC3 that a family child care home or center has had their license suspended, revoked or placed on probation, referrals will resume when the licensing body notifies MC3 that the suspensions has been lifted. (AB 72, Chapter 358)

  5. MC3 management determines that the situation or conditions at the center or family child care home constitute a health and safety risk to children.

If possible, the provider will be informed in writing of the temporary withholding of referrals.  The  provider  will  not  be  informed  if  the  licensing  body  requests  our  cooperation  in maintaining the confidentiality of the investigation.


Referrals to a provider will cease permanently when:


  1. A provider goes out of business or moves out of the area.

  2. A license is revoked.


Providers will be notified in writing if referrals have been permanently discontinued.  The notice shall include the reason(s) for the decision and shall inform the provider of the process for appealing the decision.



A provider who feels services have been discontinued unfairly may appeal the decision as follows:

Sending  a  letter  detailing,  documenting,  and  supporting  the  case within  fourteen  (14) days of the date on the termination notice to:

Executive Director

Marin Child Care Council

555 Northgate Drive, Suite 105

San Rafael, CA  94903


  1. Within fourteen (14) days following receipt of documentation, the Executive Director or designee will contact the provider to set up an appeal hearing.

  2. The provider is required to attend the hearing.  Failure to appear will be considered an abandonment of the appeal.

  3. Marin  Child  Care  Council  shall  arrange  for  an  interpreter  at  the  hearing  if  one  is requested.

  4. Only persons directly affected by the hearing shall attend.

  5. The Executive Director shall act as hearing officer and shall explain the legal, regulatory and policy basis for the action.

  6. During the hearing the provider will be given an opportunity to explain the reason(s) they believe the decision to discontinue services was incorrect.  Marin Child Care Council staff may present additional information.

  7. The Executive Director shall respond in writing within fourteen (14) days of the Appeal Hearing.

  8. If  the  provider  disagrees  with  the  decision  a  request may  be made  in writing, within fourteen  (14)  days  of  receipt  of  the  letter  from  the  Executive Director,  to  appeal  the decision to the Executive Committee.  The same process and timeframe will be adhered to.

  9. If the provider disagrees with the decision of the Executive Committee, a request may be filed for an Appeal Hearing with the State Department of Education, Child Development Division.  Address letter to:


California State Department of Education

Child Development Division

1430 N Street

Sacramento, CA  95814

Attention:  Appeals Coordinator


In accordance with the Funding Terms and Conditions for Resource and Referral Programs, documentation will be maintained on all complaints of a serious nature.  This documentation will be considered confidential and will be accessible to staff only.  No information will be released concerning the complaint or the investigation.  Any inquiries will be referred to the appropriate licensing body.



Referrals will resume to providers who were temporarily suspended when:


  1. The appropriate licensing body reports to Marin Child Care Council that the findings of the investigations were unsubstantiated or inclusive.

  2. The Executive Director reviews the case.






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