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Help Paying For Child Care

Paying for child care can be difficult. Need help paying for child care? If you do, you’re looking for "subsidized" child care. There are a variety of child care programs in Marin County to help low-income parents. It’s important for you to start early to find a subsidized program for your child because there are more families who need help than there is money to pay for it. 
Marin Child Care Council offers different subsidized child care programs to help pay, fully or partially, for the cost of child care. To be able to benefit from these programs, parents must meet specific requirements depending on each program.

CalWorks Stage 1 & 2 

  • Are you a current CalWORKs cash grant recipient or have you received the grant within the last 24 months?

  • Are both you and any other adult living in the home working, seeking employment, or enrolled in a vocational training program?

  • Does your family's monthly income fall within these amounts?

      If your answer is YES, you may be eligible for child care service. 

Family Size  1-2            3             4             5              6

Up to         $6,008   $6,842   $7,941    $9,211   $10,482

To find out if you are eligible for CalWORKs call 1-877-410-8817


Once the CalWORKs families are no longer receiving Cash Aid for themselves, they are transferred to a Stage 2 CalWORKs program. Parents remain in Stage 2 until 24 months after they last received Cash Aid. At that point they are transferred to a Stage 3 program. This is a closed process and only parents on CalWORKs are eligible for any of these programs.


These programs serve parents receiving cash aid (TANF). Parents who have worked their way off cash aid but are still low-income are also eligible. They are funded by both the state and federal government. New CalWORKs Cash Aid recipients go through a CalWORKs orientation. During the first few months after they attend this orientation, the child care (chosen by the parent) is paid for by a Stage 1 CalWORKs program.






Non- CalWORKs Programs

If your answer is NO to any of the above questions you may be eligible for services by completing an application on the Centralized Eligibility List (CEL), which is your first step to becoming eligible for other subsidized child care programs.




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