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Outdoor Classrooms & Nature Preschool Rescources
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Outdoor Classroom and
Nature Based Preschool

"Simply put, nature-based early childhood education for young children (0-8 years old) is where learning occurs in the context of nature. There are many program models that are considered nature-based early childhood education. Nature preschools, are licensed early childhood programs for 3-5 year olds where at least 30% of the class day is held outside, nature is infused into all aspects of the program, and the pedagogy emphasizes inquiry-based learning through play and hands-on discovery."- Samara Early Learning LLC

There are many ways to transition and start to make simple changes that support greater outdoor learning and experiences. This wonderful learning model not only supports whole child learning, but has shown to be a successful and safe option for schools during Covid.

Dry Leaf

What is Nature Based Preschool?

Outdoor Classroom Project

Outdoor Learning: A Solution for Schools During COVID 19
In July 2020, the Inside-Outside advisory group collaborated to write a position statement on outdoor learning. This position statement quickly gained the attention of tens of thousands of people interested in how schools can transition learning outdoors as a way to safely reopen
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Nature Starts "Teaching in the Time of COVID"

How to Start Your Own Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Learning Solutions for Schools During Covid

Outdoor Preschool Policy Action Framework

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The Oregon Health and Outdoors Initiative

Pair of Acorns

Resources for Nature-Based Learning


Natural Start Professional Practices Guidebook

NAAEE Early Childhood Environmental Education Guidelines for Excellence

Redleaf Press

MNECO (Minnesota Early Childhood Outdoors)

Natural Start Alliance (National Conference for Nature-Based Early Childhood Educators)

Four Seasons at a Nature Based Preschool

Shirley G. Moore Laboratory School at the University of Minnesota

Samsara Early Learning LLC

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