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Oliver's Law

What is Oliver’s Law?

Oliver’s Law (AB458), which took effect January 1, 2000, requires Resource and Referral Programs (like Marin Child Care Council) and Alternative Payment Programs to advise every person who requests a child care referral of his or her right to the licensing information on any licensed child care facility.


What does this law mean to parents looking for child care?

When a parent calls Marin Child Care Council for a referral, all referral counselors must advise them of their right to obtain licensing information, which includes reports pertaining to visits and substantiated complaint investigations of licensed child care facilities. Counselors must also strongly recommend that parents review a potential child care provider's licensing history before placing their child in a child care program.


What do you do when you call for licensing information?

Marin Child Care Council recommends that you narrow your selection of child care providers before calling the licensing agency. You will need to know the provider’s full name for Family Child Care Homes, and business name for Child Care Centers, city, and county.


What if the program is not licensed?

Depending on child care needs, referrals may be made to licensed exempt child care centers, such as parent coops, recreation programs, and school based programs. Marin Child Care Council recommends that parents who are referred to exempt programs ask the program staff about their complaint policies.


Where can parents access the licensing history of a child care provider?

Parents may obtain a child care program's licensing history, which include complete files on complaints and violations, from Community Care Licensing in San Bruno. For Child Care Centers and licensed Family Child Care Homes, call 650.266.8800, and ask for the duty worker of the day.


Marin Child Care Council provides referrals, not recommendations to child care programs because we feel that parents are the ones who can best choose the child care that meets their family’s needs.

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