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Great teachers will always be in demand. Nevertheless, searching for the school that needs you can be tough, but job searching just got easy! 

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posted on 1/13/2023

Saint Raphael Preschool is looking for a Director

JOB TITLE: Full-Time Preschool Director
REPORTS TO: Principal of Elementary School


Saint Raphael Preschool, rooted in the Dominican tradition, is committed to partnering with parents in the spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological, academic and intellectual development of young children. The Preschool provides a safe environment where children can further their awareness of God’s love and creation through informal and formal interaction with adults and other children. The Preschool supports the growth of the whole child by offering a variety of opportunities to each child.

Position Qualifications:
● AA degree in ECE and 3 units of administration, plus 2 years of teaching experience.
● BA degree in ECE and 3 units of administration, plus 1 year of teaching experience.
● Child Development Site Supervisor Permit or Program Director Permit
● CPR & 1st Aid and completed Health and Safety training
● Must have prior experience as an Assistant Director or Site Director minimum of 3 Years
● Excellent leadership skills to inspire staff to work diligently and professionally with each other, the children and the families.
● Computer proficient and knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, Google Drive, Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, Social Media, SchoolSpeak, etc 


Duties and Responsibilities:
● Oversee day to day operation of the program while maintaining a harmonious and efficient work environment.
● Create an environment where the children feel safe, love and happiness when coming to school
● Follow the Personnel Policies and Employee Handbook, as well as, the Archdiocese Employee Handbook.
● Ensure that the policies and procedures of the preschool are being followed.
● Have knowledge of Community Care Licensing and maintain compliance in all aspects of environment, teacher and child requirements etc.
● Has knowledge of developmentally appropriate curriculum, as well as, Catholic based faith programs.
● Proven ability to work effectively and professionally within a supervisory capacity with staff, parents, children and volunteers.
● Ability to understand and follow complex oral and written instructions.
● Ability to speak in front of groups of staff, administration and parents.
● Participates in fundraising efforts and represents the school in the community.
● Work together with the elementary school accountant to maintain the annual budget.
● Work with the approved budget while ordering curriculum and supplies, submit payroll etc.
● Conduct tours and actively seek new students and manage all incoming applications.
● Put the school calendar together each year while planning special school activities such as ParentOrientation, Step Up to Kindergarten, school holidays, etc.
● Develop, maintains and provide periodic testing of emergency response Plan.
● Maintains strong organizational, planning and implementation skills.
● Ensures a positive attitude is maintained at all times.
● Manage annual Summer Program enrollment.
● Other responsibilities as required or assigned by the elementary school principal.
● Excellent leadership skills to work with staff, children and families.
● Assist staff in resolving conflicts between children and communicating with families.
● Interview and hire qualified staff or volunteers as needed.
● Train and observe preschool staff.
● Perform annual teacher evaluations.
● Continue to develop professional self and recommends/assigns classes and workshops to staff.
● Support teachers in maintaining a clean and organized environment.
● Provides support and back-up for classrooms as needed (breaks etc.) including performing as teacher as needed.
● Maintains family outreach, orientation and communication (monthly newsletters etc)
● Establishes and maintains an open, friendly and warm relationships with children.


Full benefits available for qualified employees


To Apply
Please send a resume, cover letter, and a list of 2-3 references to


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