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Growing Strong Award

The Growing Strong award certification is a free and voluntary opportunity for all child care providers. This program assesses child care sites on their nutrition and physical activity practices. Participants receive support through the Marin Child Care Council HEAL grant. Through self-assessment, goal setting, resources and training by MC3 coaches we work with providers to help make improvements. Best practices will be recognized in areas that help empower children and their families in making life long healthy choices

Award Winners

We are proud to recognize the hard work and dedication of so many child care providers.

To see a full list of all award winners    

Benefits of Growing Strong

Child care providers who participate in this free program will:

  • Learn best practices when it comes to nutrition and physical fitness

  • Learn the programs strengths and challenges in these areas

  • Receive assistance in setting goals and policy development.

  • Receive newsletter and resource

How to Get Started and Recognized

Through Mc3 Resource and Policy page we hope that action planning and goal setting documents will be utilized for program development and growth. These steps can be started and implemented by child care staff on their own or with the help of our HEAL education coordinator.


Online resources can be found on our website, giving information on Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL for short) initiatives.  Please check out our HEAL news blog, resources, and policy page. You can also sign up for our monthly HEAL newsletter!



HEAL offers multiple Workshops, as well as onsite training at your child care facility, for staff and families. These workshops cover information on nutrition, policy development, best practices and physical activities to share.


Self- Assessment:

Providers will fill out the CHOICE assessment as accurately as possible to reflect their programs current offerings.

Goal Setting and Policy Making:

With completion of the CHOICE survey, goal setting are based on areas of potential improvement. Providers then can focus on those areas. Policy development is also an important aspect, which our HEAL Education Coordinator will gladly assist you with. Policy samples can be found on our website. 


Technical Assistance:

At any time, providers can call, email, schedule a visit with our HEAL Educational Coordinator. Classes are scheduled throughout the year and can be found on the Mc3 event calendar. For more information please contact Madelene McCann 415.491.5784 or email at


Annual Awards:

Once per year all of our participants will be awarded and recognized for their work within the HEAL program at our Provider Appreciation Dinner. Child care program that have been awarded will also be recognized on our website.

There are three categories. To learn more about required element please click here. 


And click here for the Spanish version


Growing Strong Gold Award: Three required elements + 3 elective or more


Growing Strong Silver Award: Three required elements + 2 electives


Growing Strong Bronze Award:  Three required elements + 1 elective


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