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HEAL works with families to support the learning and understanding of the importance of quality early care and ways to support children's health and wellness. Through trainings, workshops, and school events HEAL engages and promotes healthy eating and active living for our youngest learners.

HEAL shares how language, literacy, and social-emotional learning all can take place through the five senses. From gardening, cooking, and outdoor exploration HEAL strives to build healthy and strong parent-child connections.

Cooking with Kids Video

The cooking with Kids videos was created during school closures and meant to inspire learning and healthy eating at home with your children. Watch with your child and get cooking!

Garden Videos 
Gardening with children is a wonderful way to spend time with you child and learn. Want to learn more about gardening? check out these simple garden videos.



Nature Inspiration Journals

Nature Inspiration Journals were inspired by Mindstreachers and learning in the outdoors. The "journals" can be looked at and printed to inspire your own nature investigation with your child. Use them as a prompt and create your own entries with drawn pictures, photos and or elements tapped or glued from nature.

Autumn Foliage
Boy Leaning Against a Tree
Soccer at the Beach
Black Soil
Nature exploration
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