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Alternative Payment Program

Along with housing, child care is often the largest monthly expense for families. Marin Child Care Council offers a variety of child care financial assistance programs for families who qualify based on income or family need.  Families may be eligible regardless of immigration status.

Families admitted to Alternative Payment Programs funded by the California Department of Education must meet income requirements and have a need for child care.


Need is defined as:

  • Employment that precludes the supervision of children.

  • Seeking employment, up to 60 working days per fiscal year, per parent, for 29 hours or less per week.

  • Vocational training leading to a recognized trade, paraprofessional or profession with a maximum of 6 years of service or 24 units beyond a Bachelors degree.

  • Homeless and seeking housing

  • Incapacitated as verified by a legally qualified professional. May receive a maximum of 50 hours per week.

  • CWS and/or Child At-Risk as verified by a legally qualified professional.


To be eligible the family’s gross monthly income can not exceed the 75% of the State Median Income.

We encourage all families to speak to a counselor who can understand your circumstances and help determine which programs are best matched to your family’s needs.

Connect with our Counselors

You can reach our child care experts in-person, by phone or via email. Counselors are available Monday through Friday, hours depend on their work schedule.

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